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Building A Lasting Visual Brand Identity

Creating a lasting brand identity is not just the creation of your logo, it’s the strategic and thoughtful development of your entire brand positioning.

Let’s look at the big picture. The culmination of your logo, website, collateral assets and social media design are the visual assets of your brand and, together, make up your brand identity. It’s the entire system that will consistently build your brand recognition.

Building a strong foundation is important for a lasting brand.


The foundation starts with a clear brand message. Think for a moment about these core attributes and take pen to paper and write down what positive impact your product/service will have on the world. Who is your target market and what are your strengths, value, and purpose?


Second, define who your dream client or customers are. This will help you focus on crafting your message and keeping your target audience in mind.


Before you even get to the design phase of your brand, let’s explore the purpose, strengths, and values of your business. If you have these core attributes down before you head to the graphic designer, it will be easier to communicate with him/her your vision, even if you do not know yet visually what that vision looks like.


What makes your business unique and stand out from others. Your brand statement is your promise to your customer, it tells them what they can expect from your products and services, ultimately your BRAND differentiates your offerings from your competitors. Make sure your visual identity is in line with your brand message.


Finally, if budget permits, hire a designer to bring your brand to life visually. Putting your best foot forward visually speaking is so important for your business. It will visually communicate what set you apart from other businesses and show your core audience what you’re about before they ever read a single word about your business.
Until next time, create what you love and stay inspired!


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