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Do You Need To Rebrand? 4 Practical Steps To A Brand Audit

Do you have a brand identity that gives you a strong foundation? If the answer is no or unsure where to start, diving into a brand audit exercise may help you take action.

A Brand audits exercise is beneficial for a business that is ready to rebrand, refresh or refine what you’re communicating to your dream customers. First, is your brand working for you to attract your core audience and communicate your brand values?

How effective is your marketing when it comes to your brand?

Your brand identity is not a stagnating system that never changes. Your brand should have a brand personality, vision, and message based on your values.

Here are 4 practical steps to a brand audit.

  1. PULL IT TOGETHER – Look at all your touchpoints as a whole to determine whether your brand is communicating your core values, mission and emphasize your brand story. For example: start by gathering your brand identity including your logo, colors, typeface, patterns, graphics, submarks or illustrations. Take into considered every piece of collateral your brand has packaging, printed literature and physical products your customer has with your business. 
  2. FOCUS ON THE DETAILS – Dive in and look at the details of you all your branding touchpoints. Focus on each element and take a closer look and ask yourself what is bothersome about the photography for example or the layout of your website is it outdated do you need to update your photography. Does your content communicate the tone of voice that will attract your core audience?
  3. ANALYZE FINDINGS – Analysing the details will help you get a clear picture of what works and whats not working, more importantly, why is it not working, this way you can make positive changes that will uplift your brand.
  4. REVIEW – Once you have gathered and analyzed your branding touchpoints that your dream customers come into contact with it is time to make the changes that will make the most impact. You want your brand identity to be the foundation on which you communicate to your ideal customers. It is essential that your brand elements aspire to deliver your business’s mission statement.

If you are going to rebrand I highly suggest you consult a professional graphic designer and ultimately hire one that is a good fit for your business. If you need help finding a graphic designer head-on over to my post on “Finding the Right Graphic Designer for Your Business.

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