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Today’s mood board Monday inspiration is brought to you by my latest project. It is my pleasure to be designing a donor wall installation for a local charter school. This school is a registered nonprofit school so donation and private funding help support the school. I am happy to be apart of the design team heading up this project.  The school wanted to create a wall of recognition for all who participated in the fundraising efforts for the inaugural year.


Our concept was to keep it airy, rustic and colorful to bring out the feeling of the building and open learning classrooms. The building is a renovated brick warehouse that backs up to the light rail system. Keeping the school brand colors and core values in mind we hashed out three potential design concepts. Since the school in located in the center city, the thought was to have a city skyline as the backdrop and elements of brushed silver and wood accents.


Working off the mood board to gather a sense of what the project will feel like. I wanted to have a colorful playful vibe for the project. As I am still in the beginning stages of building the project the mood board is a sneak peek at what we want to achieve. We are picking out the material and printing that will take shape and help bring the wall of recognition to life. It is a collaboration between the school, design team and the printers to achieve the vision set forth to honor the generous donations of all that participated.


Honoring the school’s donors with a design recognizing wall with the names of the generous donations given to the school. I hope to uplift and spotlight all the good the school as accomplished in its first year!  Stay tuned for the upcoming completion of the project, where I will reveal the project and the updates to come.



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